5 Fun Lorem Ipsum Alternatives

Seems designers (and procrastinators) love a good alternative to Lorem Ipsum. Here are a just a few examples.
There are some funny options if you need a fake keyword or paragraph generator that is out of the ordinary, allowing you to create dummy text for your website or graphic design mock-ups to share with your friends.
Depending on the site, these can be random word generators that are built to create a number of lines or paragraphs of text, and they make a super cute alternative to latin placeholder text.

1 – Game of Thrones Ipsum

Winter is coming…

2 – Cat Ipsum 

You can’t go past a good feline inspired lorem ipsum generator.

3 – Hispter Ipsum

Their tagline says it all “Artisinal filler text for your project”.

4 – Veggie Ipsum

Nutritious and delicious.

5 – Cupcake Ipsum 

Just plain delicious.

….1 more: Pirate Ipsum

Ahoy mateys, time to walk the plank, ARgh…

 ….and there are plenty more out there, sitting quietly, awaiting some love.

Like this Game of Thrones lorem ipsum >>.

Know any others? Leave a link the comments below.

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